We, the People, decided we were sick of the Bushit. That we were sick of the divisive politics. The fear-mongering tactics. The globe-bumbling arrogance. The corporate-looting barons.

We, the People, decided that it didn’t really matter if your middle name is Hussein. Or that your father was born in Africa. Or that you were a member of a black church with a fiery preacher.

We, the People, chose hope over fear. Diplomacy over bravado. And progress over blindness.

We, the People, chose change.

For me, the victory was sweet because not only did we win our country back, I won my state back.

After eight years of watching Florida get swiped from the voters by Supreme Court judges, then swiped again by computer voting machines, I can finally kick back and say, happy days are here again.

I spent election night at a victory party at Parrot Jungle sponsored by the Miami-Dade Democratic Party where the change was already evident with signs stating “Cubans for Obama” and “Republicans for Obama”.

Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, a former democrat (and fellow blogger)  who switched to independent prior to running for office because he believed he would be unable to win the Cuban vote otherwise, was touting his blue colors proudly as he hugged his son and daughter.

Unlike previous generations of Cuban-Americans in Miami, where the father dictated to the rest of the family to vote republican, Diaz’s son was the one who convinced him to support Obama, in case the mayor had any doubts.



Among the cheers and celebration throughout the night were also quite a few misty eyes in the room, including on Diaz’s face and the lady below.

After all, we had just made history. We had taken a black man who would have been lynched 100 years ago for daring to aspire to such high offices, and placed him in the highest office of the land.

We had proven that we are truly a melting pot of a nation







Check out the guy with the Cuban flag vest holding an Obama sign. That’s a sign of change I welcome. A democratic Cuban. No, a victorious democratric Cuban.

Here is a short video of last night’s event produced by the Miami Herald

More photos from the presidential campaign.