A few months ago, I traveled to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico where I wrote a quick blog post but did not get into details as to what I was doing.

I was actually working on an article (photos and writing) for Barry University Magazine about a group of South Florida doctors who travel to Mexico on a regular basis to operate on poor children with foot and leg deformities.

The program is called the Yucatan Crippled Children’s Project and it is lead by Dr. Charles Southerland, a professor of podiatric (foot) orthopedics and biomechanics at Barry University.

I always think of him when I think of how Judge Jose Fernandez accused me of trying to be a hero because I had blogged about my case.

I’m not a hero. I never claimed to be a hero. The real heroes are people like Dr. Southerland, whom I hope you take the time to read about in my article.