For the fourth time since the South Florida Daily Blog launched its monthly Post of the Month contest in February, Photography is Not a Crime is in the running.

Now it’s up to you to vote for me or vote for another post if you prefer (of course I would prefer you vote for me).

In this month’s contest, my blog post titled The People Have Spoken is competing against four other blog posts from the South Florida blogosphere.

My nominated post contains photos and commentary from the Miami-Dade Democratic Party celebration on the night Barack Obama was elected president.

Of the previous three contests I was nominated for, I’ve won two, including the very first SFDB Post of the Month contest.

I also came in second in an extremely close contest in Cuba, Castro, Colombia and my Caucasian Dad, which was actually posted on my other blog, Magic City Mania, but I consider that an extension of this blog. Sex and the Beach ended up beating me by one point in that contest with this post.

It’s an extremely informal contest, so the only thing I win is bragging rights. Click here to vote.