I don’t really know much about bandwidth usage but I’ve been told I use a lot, especially when one of my blog posts ends up on the front page of Digg or Reddit or Slashdot or Fark or any other number of aggregating sites.

That is why even though I specifically signed up for Go Daddy’s “unlimited” hosting plan,  my blog still gets knocked offline during high readership as it did on three separate occasions this month.

And even though I installed the Super Cache WP plugin, it still comes and it goes under heavy traffic, not to mention load extremely slow. In fact, everything seems slower on my end ever since I switched to Go Daddy. Maybe we should start calling it Slow Daddy.

But it looks like I’ve found myself a new server to host my site. Steve Wilkinson, a photographer friend of mine in Miami, has agreed to host my site. Check out Steve’s website here. He has some nice photos as well as some easy to follow Adobe Photoshop tutorials. Thanks, Steve.

I would also like to thank Photography is Not a Crime readers Mark and Chaz McCabe who both offered to host my site. Mark, a student who lives in the U.K., has even launched a service where he offers free hosting to high-traffic blogs that focus on photographers’ rights, journalism and/or free speech. He’s my kind of guy. And Chaz is a webmaster in Pennyslvania.

So I should be completely moved to the new server by the end of this week. I’m even holding off on an interesting story I’ve been meaning to post until then.

Below is a screen shot of my bandwidth usage. Guess which times my site was knocked offline.