One of the best things about running this blog and watching it grow in popularity each day is that I get acquainted with other bloggers, each who bring their own perspective, passion and expertise into the blogosphere.

Two bloggers I became acquainted with this week are a retired Virginia cop on a mission to reduce police brutality and a New Jersey photo editor who is quite the wordsmith.

Karl Mansoor, a retired police officer from the Albermarle County Police Department in Virginia, operates Blue Must Be True, which describes itself as “promoting ethics and competency¬†in law enforcement.”

Mansoor dedicates himself to documenting stories of police corruption, abuse and all-around shitty behavior. A quick read through his site is an eye opener, even for someone like me who does his fair share of police abuse documentation.

Bob Karp, photo editor of the Daily Record in Morris County, New Jersey, operates The Photojournalist which describes itself as a ” blog offering a glimpse into the challenges and realities in the daily life of a photojournalist.”

But it’s really more than that. Although he launched it only two months ago, he has proven he can be opinionated, personal and engaging; rare for a mainstream media blog, which is probably why most of them suck.