Clarification: Todd Maisel is the Vice President of the New York Press Photographers Association, which has no affiliation with the National Press Photographers Association. Maisel is also Director of the NPPA’s region 2, but he was not acting in any official capacity for the NPPA when he made the statement regarding Kerzic.

After much speculation, especially by yours truly, the New York Press Photographers Association said that Duane Kerzic received a “five-figure settlement” from Amtrak as a result of his arrest for photographing trains in December.

The statement came from Todd Maisel, vice president of the NYPPA, who appeared on The Colbert Report with Kerzic earlier this month.

The quote appeared in Photo District News and the story was quickly picked up by War on Photography, who has a knack for getting these stories online as soon as they come out.

“The day after that segment aired, Duane Kerzic got a five-figure settlement,” Maisel says.

I called Kerzic Thursday afternoon for comment but he said, “no comment.”