Patrick Pogan

Patrick Pogan

Patrick Pogan, the New York City Police officer caught on video body slamming a bicyclist for no apparent reason during a Critical Mass ride last year, has been fired.

However, his lawyer asserts that he merely resigned, according to The New York Times.

“They make errors all the time,” Mr. London said of the Police Department’s assertion that Mr. Pogan had been fired. Mr. Pogan resigned “to concentrate his efforts on fighting the criminal charges that are against him,” Mr. London said, “so that when he is ultimately acquitted he can reapply to the Police Department.”

Pogan, the son of a high-ranking NYPD officer, is facing prison time for his actions.

Karl Mansoor, a retired police officer who now documents police abuses on his blog, posted a copy of Pogan’s initial arrest report of the bicyclist, whose charges were dropped once the video came out.

Compare the video to the arrest report to see Pogan’s obvious lies.