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A Seattle area deputy with a history of officer-involved shootings and a DUI on his record viciously attacked a 15-year-old girl in a holding cell; kicking her, punching her and jerking her by the hair to the floor before planting his knee on her back and punching her a few more times.

A video of the incident was obtained by the Seattle Post Intelligencer this week despite objections from the deputy’s attorney.

Deputy Paul Schene of the King County Sheriff’s Office has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault, which carries a maximum penalty of up to one year in jail (same as my resisting arrest without violence charge).

The girl had been arrested for riding in her parents’ car, which had been reported stolen earlier that evening. Another 15-year-old girl was driving the car.

Deputies said she got “lippy” and called them “fat pigs.” When they placed her into the cell, Schene ordered her to remove her sneakers.

She kicked off her left shoe and it apparently struck Schene in the shin.

That is when he went berserk and attacked her. The entire incident was caught on a jail cam.

In his own report from the incident, Schene wrote that the shoe hit him in the right shin, “causing injury and pain.” He wrote that he “placed” her into handcuffs and that she needed medical attention for a “panic attack.”

He said a “blood filled pocket” formed on his shin, requiring treatment at Auburn General Hospital, according to his report. The video, however, appears to show his shin strike a metal toilet as he pushes the girl against the wall.

The girl told investigators that she didn’t intend for the shoe to hit him, court documents say.

Schene, who is 6’2″ and weighs 195 pounds, has been involved in two-officer involved shootings during his eight-year career, including shooting a mentally ill man 11 times in the back during a 2006 traffic stop.

Shortly after the shooting, he was stopped for driving under the influence after mixing alcohol with prescription medicine. He received a deferred sentence and was placed on probation, according to the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

I would hope they test Schene for steroid use.

Via Blue Must Be True and Injustice in Seattle.


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