Her name is Malika Calhoun and she appeared on national TV with her father Monday morning to give her version of the story that lead up to a King County Sheriff’s deputy viciously beating her inside a jail cell.

M. CALHOUN: He first, when he first came in, where I kicked the shoe off at him, and I was about to take my other one off, he said, you know, it’s assaulting an officer. And that’s when he charged in and started beating me. And I was yelling. I was like, this isn’t — I’m not resisting. I’m not resisting. And he said, whether you’re resisting or not, that was assault.

Then he just kept doing it and kept going and going.

CHEN: Why did you kick the shoe off at him?

M. CALHOUN: Because my arms were folded, and I was upset with the way he was talking to me. And I was talking back to him. And I just took it off. And I was ready to take off my other shoe, and then that’s what happened.

CHEN: Did the shoe hit him?

M. CALHOUN: No, it didn’t hit him at all. I was standing in the inside of the door, and he was standing holding the door open. Didn’t hit him, and he was saying that it made blood pockets and stuff, and it didn’t even hit him at all.