I recommend starting the video at 3:00 to avoid Alex Jones’ rambling rant about nothing we don’t already know.

In the video,  a group of videographers from InfoWars.com are standing in a public park across the street from the Federal Reserve building in Kansas City, Missouri.

They are approached by a pair of security guards from the bank. One of them asks for the name of one of the videographers. He tell her his name is “Aaron.”

When she asks for his last name, he tells her he doesn’t want to provide that information, which is completely legal considering they were not breaking the law nor were these even cops.

But the guards suddenly force them off the public property for “not cooperating.”

When the videographers begin to questions their aggressive and unlawful tactics, one of the guards responds by saying:

“Sir, we’re not going to answer any more questions, you can either go to jail or you can leave.”

When asked if he was a police officer, the guard said he is not but that he has “arrest powers.”

But that still doesn’t mean he has the power to make unlawful arrests, which is exactly what this would have been.

This is the third incident to surface in the last two months regarding Federal Reserve security guards who are unlawfully intimidating people from filming Federal Reserve buildings from public spaces.