His scooter maxes out at 40 mph, maybe even 43 mph. But that just means he won’t be breaking any speed limits during his 2,750-mile trip to Los Angeles.

And hopefully he won’t break his back with his 60-pound plus backpack.

Scott Branch, who has photographed some of the sexiest models in South Florida, left Miami on Friday. As of Monday, he has yet to leave Florida.

But considering he gave himself 30 days to reach the City of Angels, he is probably right on schedule.

And through it all, he has been providing daily updates and photos on his blog.

On Friday, Gus Moore of Miami Beach 411 and I followed Branch through Miami as he embarked on his journey. Gus drove as I hung out the window filming. The video is above.

Gus also owns the Miami Tour Company, which is sponsoring Branch’s cross country trip.