Video vigilante Jimmy Justice was filming an off-duty NYPD officer who had parked illegally in front of a fire hydrant while shopping with his family when the cop shoved him and attempted to grab his camera.

The officer then claimed that he did not shove him by saying, “I didn’t touch you, I just put my hand in the air and you ran into my hand.”

Right. Just as so many police abuse victims received their injuries by “falling down.”

The officer had placed his placard, # 5470085, on the dashboard of his car to let other officers know not to write him a ticket for parking illegally. The placard stated that he was from the Brooklyn North Narcotics Division in the 83rd Precinct, which was 12 miles away from the incident.

When the officer approached Jimmy Justice, his female passenger can be seen removing the placard from the dash.

The cop then got into his vehicle and made an illegal U-turn into oncoming traffic.