Sleeping cop

A Youtube video that showed a New Jersey cop sleeping on the job was inexplicably removed within one day.

The video caused enough stir to spark an investigation within the Parsippany Police Department, so obviously police were well aware of it.

The patrol car’s emergency lights are flashing, but the officer appears to be slumped down in the driver’s seat.

Those recording the video weren’t shown. According to the video’s description, they noticed the officer napping, grabbed a camera from home and returned to shoot the video clip.

By 1:45 p.m. this afternoon, they removed the footage from YouTube, and the channel airing it was closed.

It was unclear why the video was taken down. A YouTube official could not be reached for comment.

While we all know that police do not have the legal right to order the removal of the video, we know from past experiences that they will not hesitate to use intimidation tactics to force the removal, as they did last month in Pennsylvania when a man uploaded a video showing a drunken off-duty cop mocking a dead person.

However, the creator of that video had already returned to Australia, so police could only threaten his relatives, ultimately failing to get the video removed.

The creator of this video most likely resides in Parsippany, making it easier for police to intimidate him or her into removing it.

That is just my crazy conspiracy theory. What do you guys think?