Three libertarian activists were arrested today in Mississippi after one of them started filming the cops who had pulled them over, according to initial reports.

Details are sketchy right now as all three men as still in jail in a county called Jones. The men were traveling the country in a motorhome seeking other liberty-minded folks for an online project titled the Motorhome Diaries.

The above photo was taken by Jason Talley who posted it on his Twitter page seconds before he got arrested. That was ten hours ago, about 11:30 a.m eastern time.

According to Free Keene, who has been monitoring developments in the case since it broke, the men will be arraigned tomorrow.

Arrested were:

Adam Mueller – Disorderly Conduct and Disobeying an Officer
Pete Eyre – Possession of a Beer in a Dry County, Possession of Firearms Across a State Line
Jason Talley – Disorderly Conduct, Disobeying, and Resisting Arrest

I’m willing to bet the men were really arrested for “contempt of cop.”

Apparently Eyre had a gun which raised the possibilities of federal gun charges against him, but right now they are all being charged with misdemeanors.

The men are well-connected within the libertarian community and even interviewed Ron Paul last Sunday.

The Jones County Jail has referred to them as their “little celebrities” because they have received numerous phone calls on their behalf. To do your part, dial (601) 649-7502.

I just called and they confirmed that they were being held, but they told me I would need to call the Jones County Sheriff’s Office tomorrow during business hours for more information.

Jones County is named after John Paul Jones, the American naval officer during the Revolutionary War who when asked to surrender by a British captain, uttered the words, “I have not yet begun to fight.”

And, I suspect, neither have these three men.

 Update: All three men have been released. Jason Talley reported on Twitter that he was choked and pepper prayed for refusing to provide ID. I tried to get him to call me to get more details but he hasn’t, so I guess we’ll hear about it when they decide to update their website.