Two years ago, Dominic Sylvester VonZabern was arrested for photographing a group of homeless people protesting after being ordered out of an encampment by police in California.

About 15 protesters had formed a circle by linking arms, refusing to budge from the encampment. As police tried to pry the protesters apart, VonZabern crossed the street to take some photographs.

According to the arrest report, he was “endangering” police officers with his camera:

”When Officer Marsolan saw him cross the street and move closer to the officers, endangering them, Officer Dickson assisted in taking VonZabern into custody,” stated an arrest report in VonZabern’s court file.

But it took police a month to come up with an “obstruction” charge against him, which VonZabern wasn’t aware of until he learned there was a warrant out for his arrest in January 2009.

The trial begins Monday and is expected to last five days. If convicted, he could spend a year in jail.