We finally stumbled upon a copy of the Operations Order the New York City Police Department issued to officers last month regarding photographers taking pictures in public.

There really is nothing groundbreaking but apparently these are issues that are not taught in the police academy.

So better later than never.

The document states that the act of photographing and videotaping public places, buildings and structures is not an act of terrorism, which will come to a surprise to many NYPD officers.

The document also states that officers are not allowed to force photographers to delete their images and can only confiscate cameras if there is probable cause that they were used in commission of a crime. For example, child pornography or upskirting, which is actually legal in Oklahoma.

It also reminds officers that photography is allowed within the city’s subway system.

So if you’re based in New York or plan to travel there, I recommend clicking on the above document to enlarge it, then printing it out.