Last month, a photographer described as a “suspicious man” encountered two children running a lemonade stand in Chilliwack, Canada and asked if he could take their photo.

The children got scared and ran inside, informing their parents of the situation.

Next thing you know, police were on the lookout for the photographer.

The male was described as being between 40 and 50 years of age, Caucasian, with facial stubble and grey hair. The male was driving an older model pickup truck at the time, described as either blue or green in colour. Police were notified after the incident occurred and made patrols in the area and have been unable to identify the male or the vehicle associated.

Realizing that he was wanted, the man turned himself in.

He apologized profusely and allowed police to take his photos.

The male is a recent photography student and did not mean to scare the children. The photos taken were recovered by police, and the family of the complainant have been contacted and advised.

The children are safe again. Until the next photographer come along.