A tourist visiting Miami this week said he was harassed by the Miami-Dade Transit Chief of Security for taking photographs of an approaching Metrorail Train, something I’ve done countless times, including in the above video.

The photographer, who is a rail fan, posted his story on Subchat under the name HarryP.

He said the man who harassed him identified himself as Eric Muntan and told him he needed some type of “access permit” in order to take photos on the publicly funded train platform.

A man named Eric Muntan has a LinkedIn page where he describes his occupational title as “Chief, Office of Safety and Security at Miami-Dade Transit.”

HarryP said Muntan “smirked” when he brought up his Constitutional rights.

He kept insisting that I could not take pictures. When I asked him the reason, he wouldn’t answer the question, and when I brought up the issue of constitutional rights, he just smirked. Even though he wasn’t nasty about it, his arrogant smirk really set me off, and I told him that I was going to file a complaint. I asked for his name. He told me his name is Eric Muntan.

I fully intend to file a complaint and contact the Florida chapter of the ACLU, and to see if I can also get it into the local media. It’s a disgrace how arrogant these tax-funded government agencies have become, thinking that they are way above the law and can push people around at will!

Welcome to Miami, HarryP.

While I’ve never had the fortune of meeting Mr. Muntan, I’ve had my experiences with Wackenhut security guards at Metrorail stations in Miami.

But I’ve also managed to take a number of photos as well as the above video without getting harassed. Maybe that’s because I’ve just learned how to be sneaky about it.

After all, as I’ve learned after my arrest and as HarryP learned this week, the Constitution doesn’t necessarily apply south of the Broward border.

Via War on Photography.