Update: Here is the correct link to the story.

This is a story I’ll be reporting more about in the future. The way the cops just start arresting people for no reason on Miami Beach during Memorial Day Weekend. They made more than 500 arrests this year.

Most of those were bullshit arrests.

Check out the story I wrote about it on Miami Beach 411.

The problem is, there is an influx of black people on Miami Beach that weekend. Many people can’t handle it. There is a lot of fear and profiling going on.

I’ve been out there several times on Memorial Day Weekend over the years with my cameras and I’ve never had a problem. On the contrary. I had a good time.

The City of Miami Beach spends more than a million dollars paying its cops overtime as well as bringing in cops from other jurisdictions to patrol the streets.

To justify their gross amount of overtime, they end up making mass arrests.

They arrest people for standing on a sidewalk when every weekend, people do just that.

Trust me on this one, it’s a scam.

Here is a video from last year’s Memorial Day Weekend of a guy getting arrested for filming cops. He was standing on a sidewalk.

I’ve been told by a high-ranking officer that many of these arrests are going to be thrown out of court. I’m waiting to see if this is true.

Stay tuned.

Miami Beach Police Officer David Socarras doesn't appreciate his photo being taken.

Miami Beach Police Officer David Socarras doesn’t appreciate his photo being taken.