Every time an officer-involved shooting makes the news, we read about how they are placed on paid administrative leave pending a thorough investigation.

Yet we never hear about when that officer actually comes of administrative leave.

Unless, of course, that same officer ends up in another shooting death.

That was the case this week on Miami Beach when Officer Adam Tavss shot an unarmed man in an incident that was caught on a surveillance video, then four days later, was involved in a second shooting that left a carjacking suspect dead.

In the first incident, police claimed that the suspect was reaching for what appeared to be a gun, causing them to fear for their lives and open fire. The object, they said, turned out to be a beer bottle.

However, the surveillance video shows the man and his brother walking down the street with their arms by their sides.

And it never shows the man reaching for anything as he is shot in front of the camera.

Check out the video and the story I wrote today about it on NBCMiami.com.