It started off a regional story in Oklahoma that would have probably have gone nowhere had it not been for Youtube and the blogosphere.

It is now getting national attention from the major news networks.

On Tuesday, the paramedic who was placed in a chokehold by Oklahoma State Trooper Daniel Martin was interviewed by CBS in the above video on The Early Show. When asked what he thinks should happen to the trooper, Maurice White stated the following:

The bottom line is that at this point we would like to take his badge and gun away because of the total disregard he showed for this patient and because of the statements yesterday…..he doesn’t think he did anything wrong…and neither does his superiors.

However, Oklahoma officials believe he did nothing wrong. Prosecutors declined to file charges against the Trooper and Oklahoma Highway Patrol Chief Van M. Guillotte has yet to take action against Martin, even though he insists it is still “under investigation” as Martin remains on paid administrative leave.

Meanwhile, a petition that is calling for the termination of the trooper is averaging a thousand signatures a day since it was introduced on this site late Saturday. It now has more than 3,500 signatures.

Check out the two videos of the incident.