A U.S. Navy Commander who has served for more than 20 years claims a female Miami Herald reporter sexually harassed him over a period of four years by making lewd references to his sexual orientation and suggesting he stick a red hot poker into his ass.

Jeffrey Gordon, a Pentagon spokesman based out of Guantanamo, said the torment he endured was worse than what Guantanamo detainees have gone through.

As a son of a World War II Navy veteran, all I can say is things sure have changed within the U.S. Navy.

Herald Guantanamo correspondent Carol Rosenberg is also accused of making Gordon do his job by “sending a dozen or more queries a day on topics which we have already exhausted after two or three email and telephone exchanges,” according to a written complaint he sent to the publisher of The Miami Herald.

Even though publisher Anders Gyllenhaal received the complaint last month, the Herald didn’t mention anything about it until the story was reported on other media sources.

And even then, the Herald only ran a three paragraph brief on the inside of its local page. Nothing on the internet.

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