The Michael Jackson hysteria in Los Angleles sparked a confrontation between an ignorant security guard and an assertive photographer earlier this week.

The security guard works for Andrews International and is named Vasquez (#782). He was standing on Hollywood Blvd ordering some other guy to get off the sidewalk, who apparently was heckling reporters but claims he was protesting something or another.

The photographer, wearing a video camera around his neck, was standing a few feet from the two and snapped a photo with a still camera.

This, of course, prompted Vasquez to turn his attention on the photographer, telling him to “stop taking pictures.”

The photographer asserted his rights which led to the security guard to order him off the sidewalk – which he has no authority to do.

Photographer: “I’m going to stay here and take as many photos as I want.”
Security guard: “You’re not going to with me.”
Photographer: “Yes, I will. If you’re in public, I will.”
Security guard: “No, you will not.”
Photographer: “I know the law, you can bark all you want …”
Security guard: “It doesn’t matter, don’t take another photo of me.”
Photographer: “What’s going to happen?”
Security guard: “You’ll see.”

Vasquez then grabs the camera and pushes it into the photographer’s face.

They continue arguing with Vasquez claiming that “you can’t take a picture of me.”

Vasquez calls his supervisor and the photographer calls the cops.

Vasquez, if you’re reading this, not only can he take a photo of you. He can videotape you as well.

Vasquez should be fired and Andrews International should be sued.

Click on the photographer’s website for a list of email addresses to local politicians and Andrews International bigwigs to file a complaint.


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