This is getting to be big; the story of the Miami Beach cop who killed two unarmed men in a span of four days.

Today, The New York Times has an article on the situation. That’s big time. You know they don’t write about every officer-involved shooting in the country. They wouldn’t have enough space.

Today, I wrote an article for NBCMiami about newly surfaced audio clips from the moments after the first shooting. They were recorded by the cell phone of the surviving brother. So far, I’m the only one who has the story although I know the rest of the media has the audio clips. So I’m sure they’ll be more articles on this soon.

In one of the clips, you can clearly hear a cop say “we didn’t find anything” as if referring to not finding any weapons or bottles on Husien Shehada, the 29-year-old Virginia tourist they had just killed.

But police had been saying he was packing a bottle or a coat hanger, which is why he was shot.

They also said the second man they shot had shot at them first, but it later turned out, he was unarmed when they killed him. Police say they found a gun in the waters below the bridge, which may or may not be his.

It doesn’t look too good for the Miami Beach Police Department right now.

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