Monthly Archives: August 2009

I filed my opposition today

So today I ventured out to the courthouse to file my opposition to the State Attorney’s motion to dismiss, only to learn that he never actually filed the damn thing. At least not yet. Or at least according to the clerk in the appeals office, who got offended when I asked her if she w

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UK cops continue crackdown on photographers

The madness continues in the United Kingdom with police using newly enacted terrorism laws to harass, intimidate, stalk and arrest photographers. The most recent incident comes to us via War on Photography when a British family was on vacation in Wales; A man, his sister and his two kids.

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Grandmother attacks cameraman with a hoe in Florida

Hoping to speak to the mother of a 15-year-old girl who been stripping at a local club, a TV news crew was confronted by the grandmother instead, who ran after the cameraman swinging a hoe. At one point, she even struck the camera. The cameraman did a good job of recording the incid

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