Update: A Photography is Not a Crime reader provided the names of the officers involved. According to the reader, the African-American cop is Wilbur Foster and the white cop is Marc Werbin. You can read their bios here.

It was his first day in Miami and Jordan Chusid got an intimate look at how aggressive cops can be down here.

The twentysomething college student had just transferred to the University of Miami from the University of Central Florida when two cops pulled their guns on him, ordering him to get down.

Apparently, he fit the description of somebody who had stolen a motorcycle earlier that day from campus.

The incident, which occurred last Wednesday, was caught on video by communications students who were in the area filming.

They handcuffed him and were about to take him to jail when they realized he was not the suspect they were after. So they let him go with a curt apology.

Just another day in paradise.