So today I ventured out to the courthouse to file my opposition to the State Attorney’s motion to dismiss, only to learn that he never actually filed the damn thing. At least not yet.

Or at least according to the clerk in the appeals office, who got offended when I asked her if she was sure.

“I know everything that goes on here,” she assured me.

Well, we’ll see about that. I also asked her to stamp several copies of my opposition because I wanted to keep one for my record, I need to send one to Iggy and I had planned on sending one to each of the three judges who are supposed to review my case. I even had the envelopes typed out with their addresses.

But the clerk told me not to do that because it would just confuse them. I just wanted to make sure they get it before they make a decision on Iggy’s motion to dismiss.

Anyway, I again must thank South Florida attorney Mike Pancier for his assistance. I sent him my draft of the opposition and he revised it into legalese.

Microsoft Word - Opposition to Motion to Dismiss.doc
Microsoft Word - Opposition to Motion to Dismiss.docMicrosoft Word - Opposition to Motion to Dismiss.doc