A frail 84-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s wanders a Walmart parking lot in Ohio holding a steak knife. She allegedly is threatening to cut people. She had already cut herself.

Police arrive on the scene and one officer grabs the woman by the wrist and slams her to the ground.

It is all caught on video, which shows the woman bleeding from what appears to be the back of her head, although reports do say she had cut herself.

Now the Whitehall Police Department is receiving calls from all over the nation accusing them of police brutality and racism.

I don’t see any evidence of racism other than the cop is white and the woman is black.

And while it’s true that there was probably a better way to persuade the woman to drop the knife, we all know cops are not trained to rationalize with people. Especially mental health patients.

They are trained to kill when there is even a slight indication that a person is not going to relinquish a weapon.

So I guess this woman is lucky she didn’t raise the knife in any manner.

Otherwise, she would have been pumped full of bullets.