Despite how often people accuse me of being “anti-cop”, I do like to point out when police officers actually protect our Constitutional rights to take pictures. I just wish it would happen more often.

Tom Chamberlain tells us how he recently came across a repairman working on one of those annoying red light cameras at a traffic intersection in Gurnee, Illinois.

Wanting to take pictures of the inside of the control box, he pulled over and started snapping photos without getting in the guy’s way.

Chamberlain figured that since the Redflex cameras are tax-funded and are on public land – not to mention that they take pictures of hundreds of unsuspecting citizens a day – then surely nobody would mind him taking a few photos of the inside of the control box.

But Chamberlain was wrong.

The repairman told him he was not allowed to take photos.

Chamberlain continued taking photos.

The repairman called police.

Chamberlain continued taking photos.

Police arrived on the scene and told the repairman that Chamberlain had the right to take photos.

Chamberlain continued taking photos.

Says Chamberlain: “I was lucky the Gurnee police were very professional and protected my rights to take pictures on public property.”

Check out the sequence of events in the photos below. They speak for themselves so they don’t even need captions.