In the latest act of police overstepping their boundaries, cops in Wyoming repeatedly Tasered a 76-year-old man as he operated an antique tractor during a parade.

Police said Bud Grose failed to obey police orders but they have yet to specify exactly what orders he was failing to obey.

The incident occurred August 1st and has created an outcry in the small town of Glenrock.

Even the police chief has acknowledged that¬†”we probably didn’t do things the best way we could have.”

However, the two officers who were involved in the Tasering remain on paid administrative pending the usual jive about “an investigation.”

Here is how a couple of witnesses described the incident:

“Those two were the most out-of-control officers I’ve ever seen in my life,” said witness Scott McWilliams. “These two guys got to go.”

“They both, in my opinion, acted like doped up thugs,” said Grose’s daughter-in-law, Pat Grose.

Even a former cop has spoken out against the two officers.

Mike Pyatt, a former Glenrock police officer, called one of the officers a “hot head” and said the other had poor people skills. He called on town leaders to make changes at the department.

“We will hold you accountable,” he said.