Cops have a funny way of defining resisting arrest. Sometimes all you have to do is mentally oppose the arrest for a cop to interpret that you are resisting violently, which prompts him to pull out his Taser on you.

In my arrest, I was trying to explain to them that they didn’t have to kick my feet from under me and bash my head into the ground. I was trying to tell them to handcuff me without going through the whole charade of beating me up because I was not resisting.

But one cop stated that I was resisting and said that if I didn’t shut up, I would get Tased. So I shut my mouth. But I still got charged with resisting arrest as well as eight other charges.

In this video, an Ohio college student who was partying a little too loudly in his apartment drew the attention of police who banged on the door. It took them a while to open the door because you can imagine what college students were doing at 3 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

As soon as a female student opened the door, they grabbed her by her wrists and dragged her outside and straddled her. Then they made their way inside the apartment – probably without a warrant – and proceeded to Tase a student in an incident caught on a cell phone camera.

“Stop resisting!” the cop yells as he Tases the man.

“I’m not resisting!” the student yells, only to get Tased a few more times.

In the mind of a cop, the act of someone saying that they are not resisting means he is probably resisting.