Monthly Archives: October 2009

Broward Bulldog makes it debut

Update: While Broward Bulldog states it is Florida’s first non-profit news site, there have been several that have emerged throughout the country, including one in Texas called the Texas Tribune where the CEO is making more than $300,000 and the top-paid reporter is making $90,000 a year

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Photojournalist attacked outside Michigan mosque

A group of men attacked a Detroit News photojournalist Wednesday, punching him, pushing him and kicking him while he was down before tearing the camera from his hands and smashing it to the ground. The men had emerged from a Detroit mosque whose leader was killed by federal agents earl

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Even retired cops get harassed for photography

Would you hire Aline Gonzales to plan your event? (Photo by Mark Bralley) Mark Bralley, retired police officer and longtime Photography is Not a Crime reader, is no stranger to getting harassed for taking photos. The man who spent 24 years as an Albuquerque police officer has

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