I never understood certain people who like to draw attention to themselves either through their art or their music, but then get upset when somebody tries to take a photo or shoot a video.

It happened to me that time when I was shooting a full moon drum circle on Miami Beach that was open to the public.

And it happened to Providence Journal videographer Andrew Dickerman who was filming inside the Scituate Art Festival in Rhode Island on Monday.

Dickerman was filming the art display created by Connecticut artist Susan M. Peifer for his news report, but Peifer ordered him to stop.

Dickerman refused and continued filming. Peifer then shoved his camera into eye, causing it to become bloodshot and watery.

He showed the videotape to the officers who then arrested her for assault. She has pleaded not guilty.

“A lot of the artists get upset when people take pictures of their artwork,” the deputy chief said, adding that some use digital photography techniques to reproduce the artwork for free.

“It’s like kids downloading songs from the Internet,” he said.

Which just goes to show how clueless cops are about these things.