It was only a matter of time before Oklahoma State Trooper Daniel Martin would make headlines for losing his temper.

The trooper who made national headlines in May when he assaulted a paramedic on video for not yielding is now being accused of using excessive force against another man.

Obviously the anger management classes he was required to attend after the first incident had no effect.

Like the previous incident, this incident was also caught on a dash cam video.

But unlike the previous incident, where police refused to release the video at first, they have agreed to release this video.

One of these days.

According to the Muskogee Phoenix:

The videotapes of the incident in Holdenville — about 75 miles southeast of Oklahoma City — will be released “after we are finished with them for our purposes,” West said, citing the continuing investigation. He declined to say when the investigation might be completed.

The latest incident occurred Saturday after Martin and another trooper named Tommy Allen pulled over a driver in a residential neighborhood.

That was when a man named Kristopher Douglas, who was doing renovations at a friend’s house, somehow got mixed up in the traffic stop.

Douglas said he was trying to step inside the house when Martin ordered him to step away from the house.

He said he complied but the cops ended up throwing him to the ground with Martin hitting him with a baton and Allen putting a knee on his back.

Douglas’ friend, Jerry Ford, who owns the house, speculated that Martin lost his temper.

“When he approached me, he approached me with his chest out and just looked like he was ready to fight,” Ford told KWTV.

Police said Douglas was arrested because he was obstructing with the traffic stop.

Douglas ended up checking into a hospital to treat bruises.

Although police are claiming that the officers have done nothing wrong, the two officers were suspended.

Meanwhile, a petition to fire Martin that was launched after the first incident by Miami librarian Theo Karantsalis is still active, so don’t be shy in expressing your opinion. Maybe this time they will fire him.