A group of men attacked a Detroit News photojournalist Wednesday, punching him, pushing him and kicking him while he was down before tearing the camera from his hands and smashing it to the ground.

The men had emerged from a Detroit mosque whose leader was killed by federal agents earlier in the day. Members of the mosque are believed to be tied to terrorism.

Ricardo Thomas, 67, was standing across the street taking photos when he was approached by at least seven men who ordered him to stop taking photos. He told them he was doing his job. They attacked him.

The incident lasted about 30 seconds. Part of it was caught on tape by a news videographer from a local station.

One man can be seen on video walking off with his smashed camera. Thomas ended up driving himself to the hospital with a cut lip.

Later that day, police raided the house with guns drawn but the men who attacked Thomas were gone. So far, nobody has been arrested.