San Jose police were caught on a cell phone video viciously beating and tasering a 20-year-old unarmed college student, even after he was handcuffed.

While the video is difficult to see unless you enlarge it, the student’s screams of pain are chilling as he gets beaten at least ten times with a metal baton.

And the officer standing casually overseeing the torture indicates that Phuong Ho was not “violently kicking and refusing to comply” as stated in the police report.

The video is visible enough were several ex-police officers interviewed by the San Jose Mercury News believe excessive force was used. And three San Jose City Council members are demanding an investigation.

Fortunately, the San Jose Mercury News is making an issue about the incident, so far dedicating four articles, including an editorial that describes it as “the kind of thing you expect from rogue precincts in Los Angeles or New York.”

The editorial tends to believe the San Jose Police Department is getting out of hand:

San Jose police in recent years have made unusually high numbers of arrests on charges such as public drunkenness and resisting arrest — incidents that other cities tend to resolve without filing charges. Has confrontation become the norm here?

The four officers have been placed on leave, which means they are now sitting at home getting paid until this blows over. Or possibly sooner.

The incident started when Ho, a Vietnamese mathematics student who attends San Jose State University, got into an argument with his roommate, who slopped soap on his steak. What is it with college kids and their pranks?

Naturally this angered Ho who picked up a knife and said “In Vietnam, I would kill you for this” before putting the steak knife down. Some of the students laughed but the idiot who put soap on his steak, Jeremy Suftin, freaked out and called the cops.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but if somebody ruined my steak with soap, there is a good chance I would stuff the damn thing down his throat and make him buy me a new one. You don’t mess with a man’s food and not expect some kind of reaction.

When police confronted an unarmed Ho in the hallway of his apartment, they said they could not understand his English, so they pushed him aside and entered his residence – without a warrant – and proceeded to look for his identification.

And here is when the already de-escalated incident escalated to sadistic torture.

Unknowing to the police officers, the incident was recorded by other roommates who did not soap his steak.

You would think that with so many people carrying cell phone video cameras, officers would think twice about torturing people, then lying about it on their arrest reports.

Ho ended up being transported to a hospital where he was treated for taser burns and had to have staples to close several wounds, including a gash on his head.