Elisha Strom, the Virginia blogger who spent a month in jail for obsessing about a local police task force on her blog, was convicted on two counts of obstructing justice last week.

She is now forbidden from having any contact with the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement (JADE) cops she wrote about, including taking their photo or publishing their photo on her blog – even if those photos have been published elsewhere.

And she is also forbidden from publishing their home addresses, even though she obtained those addresses from public records websites.

She was essentially stripped of her Constitutional rights.

However, she has no one to blame but herself because she accepted the plea deal that reduced a felony charge of harassing a police officer to the misdemeanor obstruction charges.

She is also forbidden from getting within 300 yards of JADE headquarters and the residences of JADE officers, according to a recent blog post where she lists details of her restrictions.

Though the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force and their do-girls didn’t succeed in taking out the site, they have crippled it. Due to the plea agreement that I accepted, forthcoming posts will have to be tempered.

It is not clear if she ever accepted the help of the ACLU.

Strom, who once held white supremacist views, says that is no longer the case.

“I thought I wanted to live in a white society,” she told a local newspaper. “Now I want to live in a nice society.”