Garry Chinchen was threatened with arrest for taking the above photograph

Garry Chinchen was threatened with arrest for taking the above photograph

As bad as it gets in the United States, it always seems worse in the United Kingdom when it comes to getting harassed for taking photos in public.

The latest incident comes to us from Wales where a photographer named Garry Chinchen was taking photos of a man and a boy on a jet ski.

Somebody told him to stop taking photos of the kid, even though the kid was dressed in a wetsuit in complete view of the public.

The cops were called and they ended up checking Chinchen’s images which did not reveal anything perverse or illegal.

But they still performed a background check on him and even contacted his employer, which in my opinion, should be grounds for a lawsuit because he was not breaking any laws.

And even after it was determined that he was not breaking any laws, police still threatened to arrest him if he continued taking photos.

They claimed that by continuing to take photos, he would be charged with “breach of peace” because it would be viewed as “inflammatory behaviour” towards the complainant.

Talk about a backwards system.

In an official statement, a South Wales Police spokesman said: ‘We were called by the landowner of Glyneath lakes [sic] following concern of a photographer taking photos of a child on a jet ski.

‘The officer carried out all the necessary checks on this person and no offences were disclosed. The photographer was appropriately advised regarding his conduct.’

Then later that day, Chinchen’s boss called him concerned about having been contacted by the cops.