A University of Mississippi journalism student was arrested after taking pictures of a fight on campus.

Take a wild guess as to what Eric Besson was charged with.

You got it, disorderly conduct, which we all know is code for contempt of cop.

Besson, who writes and shoots for The Daily Mississippian, started taking photos of university police breaking up a fight on Saturday.

One of the officers ordered him to leave. Besson stood up for his rights.

“I told him I know my rights,” Besson said. “I’m in a public place. An officer came up behind me and cuffed me and arrested me.”

Police provided several reasons why they arrested Besson, none which have to do with photography.

First they said he was interfering with police assisting someone to an ambulance.

Then they said he was “getting in the way of the fight.”

And finally they said he was cursing at the officers – which is not even against the law – proving that these cops had absolutely no grounds to arrest him.

Besson said he did not curse at them until after they handcuffed him when he was telling them not to delete his photos.

This is not the first time the University Police Department has cracked down on photographers.

A similar incident occurred two weeks ago when an employee of The Daily Mississippian was told by a UPD officer to stop taking photos of a fight and an arrest that took place outside of Vaught-Hemingway stadium during a football game, despite the fact that the photographer was standing approximately 10 yds. from the scene.

And the two guys fighting? They were not arrested.