Cops are allowed to shoot unarmed people at point blank range. They are allowed to stick tasers up people’s asses. And as we all know, they are allowed to arrest photographers whenever they feel like it.

Usually the worst that happens to them is that they get suspended with pay for a few days.

But in Stockton, Utah, they are not allowed to pull over the mayor’s son for a traffic violation.

That would get them suspended without pay.

When was the last time you heard of a cop getting suspended without pay?

Cpl. Joshua Rowell told KSL News he was just doing his job. He said he acted professionally when he wrote the driver a ticket and was shocked when he was suddenly asked to hand over his badge.

Rowell is a new member of the five-man Stockton police force. So, last Tuesday he didn’t think twice about pulling over a driver in a small white car for avoiding a DUI stop.

“He didn’t have a driver’s license, so I issued him a citation for that,” Rowell explained.

He didn’t think twice, that is, until he handed the ticket to the court clerk.

“She looked at it and said, ‘Hey, you know you just gave the mayor’s son a ticket?’ And I said, ‘Oh, crap,’” Rowell said.

Considering this all took place in Utah, I wonder what would happen if the mayor’s son tried to rap his order through a McDonald’s drive-thru.