You know the New England Patriots were pretty pissed off after losing against the Indianapolis Colts Sunday night, so it wasn’t too hard to believe that the team’s chief of security assaulted an NBC cameraman who was trying to film coach Bill Bellichick walking off the field.

At least that is what it looks like in the above video.

But if you look at the video slowly, you can see the cameraman’s cable tighten just before he falls, making it appear that he ran out of cable just as he got to Bellichick and Chief of Security Mark Briggs, causing him to jerk backwards and fall down.

But the video also shows Briggs grabbing onto his wrist, prompting the Boston Herald to call it a “50-50, incidental incident.”

Neither the Patriots nor NBC have publicly commented on the incident and the NFL is looking into it.

Here are four still shots in sequence of the incident from The Indianapolis Star.

And here is commentary from Eric Seals, a photographer who witnessed the incident that believes Briggs intentionally took the cameraman down.

As Belichick was running off the field with his security guard, the bald guy acts like a “bull in a china shop” and pushes around 3 photographers that I could see as NBC tracked him leaving. A NBC camera man in a brown vest gets his camera pushed down to the ground causing him to fall.

What do you think?