While Kurt Greenbaum at first came across as an anal-retentive nitpicker when it came to profanity, we are now seeing he is more of a hypocrite than anything else.

Aren’t all snitches hypocrites?

On September 17, two months before he got a man fired for writing the word pussy on his blog, Greenbaum posted the above video¬†titled “Yes, bloggers, we can laugh at ourselves” with the following warning:

“Some language isn’t for little ears.”

The video is a spoof created by a couple of his buddies, one who works at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and another who got smart and left the Post-Dispatch and is now a blogger/journalist in Kenya.

Perhaps Greenbaum might have to join him in Africa to get away from this debacle. But I’m sure somebody out there already knows of his journalistic breakdown.

The video is funny and might even be funnier if you knew the guys in the video who are bragging about their blog and order us to “shut the fuck up” and to “take a good, hard look at my motherfucking blog.”

I believe motherfucking is more hardcore than pussy. Motherfucking just sounds harder. And it’s not a good visual either.

Pussy, on the other hand, has a much softer sound. It’s almost poetic. And it’s visually appealing.

But obviously not to Greenbaum.