Photo by Dai Sugano/San Jose Mercury News

In the wake of several controversial police brutality incidents, the San Jose Police Department will be the first agency in the country to test out new head-mounted cameras meant to record their interactions with civilians.

The devices, known as AXON, are being made by Taser International, the same company that produces the devices police use to sodomize men, torture grandparents and pregnant women and protect themselves from little old ladies.

While it is obviously a step in the right direction, the devices are already flawed because they require the officer to turn them on before they interact with a civilian, allowing them to pick and choose with interactions they want recorded.

The recordings will then be downloaded to a server at the end of their shift, but it is not clear how long the recordings will remain on the server.

But the real problem is that they will cost $1,700 per kit plus a $99 per officer monthly fee. At $2,888 a year for each officer, the San Jose Police Department would end up spending $4 million a year to equip every officer.

In other words, the public will continue getting screwed while Taser International will continue laughing all the way to the bank.

Perhaps using a fraction of this money to better train their officers and to weed out the bad officers would better serve the public in the long-run.