Chandler Brown was illegally detained, then arrested for taking a photo of a cop and then had his photo deleted and his only concern is that the cop was chatting on Facebook?

I hope not, but that is how it appears in the news story, which states that Brown has made “startling accusations” about Atlanta Police Officer Eric Coleman being on Facebook while on-duty.

Judging by the number of people who post status updates on Facebook throughout the day, I doubt Coleman is the only person surfing the site on the clock.

Or maybe my friends are just slackers at work.

It all started last Thanksgiving when Brown received a call from his friend who had been in a car accident.  Brown pulled up in a cab and his friend wanted to leave the scene of the accident, so they both got into the cab before the officer told his friend he could not leave.

The officer then ordered the both of them in the back seat of his car as he sat in front seat and started chatting on Facebook.

Brown then pulled out his cell phone camera and snapped a photo, infuriating the officer who then arrested Brown for “giving false information to an officer” – a charge that was eventually dismissed by a judge.

So now Brown has filed a complaint with internal affairs, complaining that the officer was on Facebook while on duty. And according to him, they are taking his complaint seriously.

But I’m wondering under what grounds did the officer have to force him in the back of the police car in the first place?

I can understand the officer being concerned about Brown’s friend fleeing the scene, if he did in fact attempt to get into a cab during the accident investigation. After all, how many people would want to leave their car behind unless they had something to hide?

But Brown had nothing to do with the accident, so why was he placed in the squad car?

And after getting arrested for snapping the photo, why isn’t he making a bigger deal about that than about the stupid officer being on Facebook?

And why isn’t he making a bigger issue about them deleting the photo from his phone before returning it to him?

He just can’t get over the Facebook thing.

“I can’t sit on Facebook at work all day and neither can you. Why should someone whose salary is being paid by the taxpayers,” he said.

Actually many people do sit on Facebook all day while at work. But how many have made false arrests because of it?