In the ensuing madness over photography in the United Kingdom, one photographer recently emerged victorious from an incident in which he was illegally detained for eight hours for photographing a car accident.

Andrew Handley was photographing a car accident three years ago from behind a police ribbon when a cop ordered him to hand over the camera.

Handley, who’s been a photojournalist for 34 years, refused.

Police arrested him and made a record of his fingerprints and DNA.

“I explained that I was entitled to do my job and assumed I would be allowed to continue. Instead I found myself with my hands cuffed behind my back and in a police cell.

“As the hours ticked past I started to get more and more worried. I thought it would all be cleared up in a matter of minutes.

The National Union of Journalists filed a claim on his behalf for unlawful arrest and assault.

The Buckinghamshire Police Authority settled the claim forr £5250, which is about $8,000.