Michael Yon, a popular war blogger and former Green Beret, was handcuffed and detained this week at Seattle’s airport when he refused to disclose his salary to federal agents.

Yon told the Custom and Border Patrol Agents that his salary had nothing to do with national security.

He also refused to tell them for whom he was working, which prompted them to lead him into a back room for further questioning.

The following is according to Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government blog, who claims they had an exclusive interview with him:

According to Yon, “they handcuffed me for failing to cooperate.  They said I was impeding their ability to do their job.”

Yon described the CBP officials as noticeably frustrated by his refusal to answer their questions: “I always assume everything is being recorded.  I was trying to be professional.”

Yon continued, “They said I wasn’t under arrest, but I’m handcuffed.  In any other country, that qualifies as an arrest.”

He was eventually released by Port Authority Police, but now the incident has created a political fray between conservative and liberal pundits over who is to blame.

It was just over a year ago when Yon criticized Homeland Security officials for coercing a female friend into giving them her password to her email account, which showed correspondences between Yon and his friend.

The latest incident comes on the heels of an incident in which the Transportation Security Administration served subpoenas on two travel bloggers in an attempt to find out who leaked a security directive to them.

Blogger Chris Elliot refused to cooperate and the subpoena was withdrawn. But travel blogger Steven Frischling complied with the request. Agents ended up destroying his laptop. It is not clear if they will compensate him for the broken computer.