Broward County Sheriff Al Lamberti claims he was “blindsided” when a public defender released a surveillance video that appears to show a pair of deputies beating a homeless man.

The video, which was released to WSVN and can be seen here, is grainy and does not show much detail.

But it shows enough to put Lamberti on the defensive.

“I know it’s his job to defend the people that he represents, but it’s also my job to investigate or to make sure that deputies are acting appropriately. I can’t do that if I’m going to get blind-sided or a surprised attack with something like this,” sheriff Al Lamberti said.

The truth is, it was most likely Gerald McGovern, the homeless man, who was blindsided in a surprise attack, even though the arrest report indicates the contrary.

An independent witness also contradicted the arrest report.

A witness, Roberto Aguilara backs up McGoverns claim. “They come on top of him to beat, and they kept hitting and hitting and hitting. I think it’s a long time, around two minutes,” said Aguilara.

McGovern, who has been arrested more than 69 times, is asking to be released from jail without bond because he is unable to pay the $1,500. The judge has yet to make a decision.