In another shining example of how some people are unable to handle a little power, a security guard from Greyhound Bus forced a woman into the cold after she had voiced her complaints to a reporter about the company’s dismal service.

The incident occurred after a busload of passengers en route to St. Louis had been stranded in Memphis for four straight days without even a complimentary coffee from the company.

Greyhound blamed icy road conditions for the delay, but several buses heading toward Chicago were not delayed.

The security guard is so dumb that he probably thought he would get commended by the company for punishing the passenger for voicing her complaints to a TV reporter.

Instead, he has been suspended after the report aired on a local television station, then went national on several sites. He’ll probably get fired.

Greyhound told The Commercial Appeal in Memphis that they had been accommodating some passengers, but the ones interviewed on TV said they had done nothing.

Passengers were offered food discounts or meal vouchers on a case-by-case basis and some were offered refunds on their tickets and return trips to their original destinations.

A Greyhound spokeswoman told the newspaper that the televised report is “not representative of the company’s values as they relate to customer service.”

But according to Wikipedia, this is nothing new for Greyhound.

In recent years, Greyhound has been plagued by numerous customer complaints, including chronically late buses, rude employees, unclean facilities, unsafe conditions, mechanical failures and accidents. Buses have been known to arrive several hours after their scheduled departure time and employees have been dismissive and even verbally abusive of passengers who ask for help. Reports of lost drivers are also frequent. Calls to Greyhound’s customer service line (1-800-345-3109) go unanswered or are bounced from representative to representative without the customer’s issue being ever solved.

One particularly notable incident involved a passenger, Meg Stivison, being charged over $1,000 for a trip from Raleigh, NC to Asheville, NC due to repeated charging of her debit card. Ms Stivinson was unable to receive any response from Greyhound until her situation attracted media attention, after which Ms Stivinson received a form letter apology and a refund.

Greyhound security guard, right, forces woman into cold after she speaks to reporters.