Photography is Not a Crime surpassed 2 million page views Sunday night in a count that began when I switched over to the new format in January 2008. At this rate, PINAC should reach 3 million page views by the end of the year.

What does this all mean? Well it might help in drawing advertisers to the site. An average of  100,000 page views a month is nothing to laugh at. Especially when readership is constantly growing.

I am also toying with the idea of implementing a social media feature where members can contribute stories or ideas to a forum on the front page. And it might be done in the style of Digg where readers can vote up or down. We’re still working the details of that, so if you guys have any ideas along those lines, let us know.

My goal is to continue documenting these types of incidents, but to also allow the readers to be more directly involved in the content that gets posted. I envision a feature where we will expand the right column out slightly and decrease the size of the left column to leave the center column the same size it is now.

I would continue writing in the center column, but the new column would be maintained by readers who like to submit articles or ideas. So at any given moment, you can click on PINAC and have two articles across the fold to read.

I believe this would make the site more interactive, which will eventually draw more readers because the speed of changing stories would be increased, at least in the right column where there will be several contributors.

I might even toy with the idea of implementing discussion forums that would be linked from here.

It’s essentially about building an online community, which we’ve already done. And yes, Johnny Law is part of that community as well. He plays a very important part trying to help us make sense of the insanity that some officers do on a daily basis. For the most part, he has not been able to convince us of his beliefs, but that does not necessarily make him a troll as some have accused him of being.