Raider fan celebrates playoff win over Dolphins (Photo from Fogtown’s Flickr account)

While The Phinsider was busy riling up his readers to vote against Photography is Not a Crime in the Sun-Sentinel Best Overall Blogs contest – pointing out how “arrogant” I am about this blog – another blog apparently ended up taking first place with a huge surge in the final moments of the contest.

The Worst Pizza blog, which reviews pizza joints, is now claiming to have won the contest after having gone from third place to first place in the final two hours of voting.

The official results will not be announced until tonight at the Best of Blogs awards ceremony in Ft. Lauderdale.

But there is at least one food writer who does not believe Worst Pizza deserves the victory.

My biggest issue with is that there is too much minutia and not enough about the pizza. The reviews lack consistency and objectivity. And there are too many places missing to give credibility to their choices as “the best”.


The problem with reviews is that they don’t really tell you much about the pizza itself. The pictures are terrible so you can’t see it. They just tell you if they like it or not. But you can’t tell if its because they burned the slice or its been reheated 4 times or it was a pie that fell out of the oven.

The Sun-Sentinel claims they are reviewing each vote in order to prevent fraudulent votes. Sure they are. The only reason they are withholding the results is to force all the bloggers to attend the ceremony.

And that should be interesting considering I might get to meet Matty of The Phinsider in person. Hopefully, he’ll be decked out in aqua and orange. I should be wearing Raider black. I’ll be sure to take pictures.

Matty got offended when I stated the following.

If The Phinsider is anything like the Miami Dolphins, it will fizzle out in the final round.

At the time, Phinsider was ranked first, PINAC ranked second and Worst Pizza ranked tenth.

My comment prompted Matty to rile up his readers into a voting frenzy where they were able to maintain first place for a few days. But like many Dolphin drives in the past, it fizzled.

On Wednesday, PINAC and Phinsider traded places from first and second several times throughout the day.

And on Thursday, PINAC took first and held it until Monday morning when Lapp of Worst Pizza- who is a tech columnist for the Broward/Palm Beach Times –  got on his Twitter account and started harassing his more than 6,800 followers into voting for him.

I was nowhere near a computer at the time – not that my 600 Twitter followers would have responded accordingly –  but from what I hear, Worst Pizza ended up first, PINAC ended up second and Phinsider (who has more than 4,800 Twitter followers) ended up third.

So yes, it was nothing but a popularity contest. And it helps if you’re in the tech industry and know how to utilize social media to your advantage.

The real winner, as we know, is the Sun-Sentinel, which managed to create a contest where you not only had to register with the newspaper, you had to return to their site every day to cast a new vote. It was democracy at its purest. Social media marketing at its finest.

If it’s any consolidation for Phinsider, Lapp is a diehard Dolphins fan. For all I know, he may even be a member of Phinsider. I should also point out that I met him last week and agreed to introduce him to a couple of local pizza joints in Miami (he lives up in Boca).

So even though PINAC did not win the Best Overall Blog contest, it appears to have won the Best Art/DYI Blog category, Best Political Blog category and Best Photography Blog category.

Phinsider appears to have won Best Sports Blog and Worst Pizza the Best Food Blog category.

And I ended up with a whole slew of new critics and you can never have too many of those.

Besides referring to me as a “convict” and a “photobitch” and to my readers as “photo-sexuals”, Phinsider readers left a number of other entertaining comments. Here are a few.

I could understand if maybe some of the other blogs had a shot against us but PINAC? It’s dumb and a waste of time. All they do is whine about police doing their job.


Good hell…
… that PINAC dude is ass.
If you’re gonna talk about LE brutality, show some. I didn’t see a thing about brutality. And why is it always during the arrest, why not during the crime so we get both sides?
Yeah, it’s always the innocent, go figure.
If the dude at PINAC wants to be known as one of the better blogs, than he should put up some good information, not that “Oooo” freedom of speech cloaking he’s got going on there. I can read through all the supossed hassle those photographers are getting. P-a-l-e-e-z
Journalism at its finest, I say…

And here they explain how they turned to other team blogs, which are all part of the same Sports Blog Network as Phinsider, to help them in their quest against PINAC.

I became a member of the SN Chiefs, Chargers and Broncos blogs yesterday
I had to wait a day before I could post a fanpost but that time is soon to expire.
Since the convict declared his allegiance to the Raiders I figured there would be plenty of help at those three blogs.
We’ve got this is everyone gets in on it. Make sure that you give the gift of a Sun-Sentinel profile to all your loved ones. While you’re creating it go ahead vote for the Phinsider since they would have anyway.


So I figured with all the interaction we have with the Chiefs that they would be the ones to help
That plus their hatred for the Raiders I thought would get it done. Figured since they were in SBN that it would be cool. The opposite went on.
The Chiefs guys actually deleted the fanpost and the Chargers and Broncos guys are the ones being really cool about it. Their hatred for the Raiders runs deep like ours for the Jets.
Anyway guys, try and direct some of your other Fins groups to the BOB page. A big surge tomorrow(as well as tonight) will get the job done.

And this guy who claims to be the Attorney General of the Matty Fan Club confused me for an attorney.

and I think it is funny as hell that some self-righteous lawyer would claim his blog is better than Phinsider!

But there was also a couple of readers who admitted my words carried a sense of reality.

“If the Phinsider is anything like the Miami Dolphins, it will fizzle out in the final round.”

I know it hurts…but it hurts more with how true it was last season… : ( either way I keep voting every day : ) Hopefully we get #1 for both spots!!!


come on everyone! its the fourth quarter!

lets keep voting like crazy and not pull a 2009 season.
finish strong!

So thanks to everybody who voted. I know it was kind of a pain to have to register with the site and vote everyday.